Covid Protocol Reminder


We are very fortunate in these trying times to be playing hockey here in the DMHL. To make sure we can continue to play all team players, coaches, and fans are reminded that arena protocols MUST be followed for all DMHL High School Hockey games. The league has been made aware of a number of violations of these protocols at various rinks and the league may be in jeopardy of losing ice time at some arenas if guidelines are not followed by all!!

Please make sure these rules are followed such as but not limited to the following;

- Masks must be worn in the arena at all times by players, coaches and spectatators. The only times players do not need to wear masks is on the playing surface in games. 

- Most arenas limit entrance fifteen minutes before start time and some arenas lock the doors once games have started. Please make sure your respective fans and patrons are aware of this. Students and or parents opening arena doors to let persons in the building are not only breaking arena and public health protocols but are also endangering others with a lack of contact tracing by team managers fot these persons. This will not be tolerated and schools may be sactioned for this activitiy by its patrons!

- Players should try to distance them selves as much as possible on the benches during games. Coaches are asked to be vigilant in this regard as well.

Good luck to all teams as our season progresses!! Information regarding playoffs will be posted early in the new year!!